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Adding a video background programmatically

In some instances, you may want to insert a video background programmatically instead of from the metabox, or page builder integrations.

In order to do this, you can use the [vidbg] shortcode, and a function that ties into the wp_footer hook.

Paste the following function at the bottom of your functions.php file:

* Add a video background programmatically to a page
* @author Push Labs
* @link
function theme_prefix_insert_vidbg_programmatically() {
// The page ID in which you want the video background shortcode to be rendered on.
$page_id = 4;

// If the page is not the ID specified above, do not render the rest of the code.
if(!is_page($page_id)) {

// Add [vidbg] params as needed. Be sure to change the container to your desired container.
echo do_shortcode('[vidbg container=".YOUR_CONTAINER_HERE" mp4="#" webm="#"]');
add_action('wp_footer', 'theme_prefix_insert_vidbg_programmatically');