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What browsers work with the plugin?

All modern browsers and Internet Explorer 11 are compatible with Video Background Pro. If a browser is not compatible, the fallback image will be displayed indefinitely.

The plugin says I am out of activations

If the plugin says you are at the maximum activations, and you are expecting to have more, you can visit your activations dashboard here to remove old/stale activations. Read more on this here.

The YouTube Logo is showing for the first few seconds on my YouTube video background

Unfortunately, this is unavoidable as the YouTube API requires it. You can read more on this here.

Mobile playback is not working for me

This is usually caused by the device being in low power mode. Low power mode will automatically stop all autoplay video to save battery. This may additionally happen on a slow internet connection. For more mobile playback questions, please see more here.

I am currently building a website, how do I transfer my activation once I go live?

Once you go live, you can simply delete the activation from your activations dashboard and re-activate the plugin on the live site.

How can I enable sound on my video background?

This is no longer possible as browsers will not autoplay video unless it starts off muted. You can read more about this here.

How can I only show a fallback image on mobile instead of playing a video?

At this point, this is not possible. Video backgrounds will play for devices that allow it, and will display the fallback image devices that do not support it or temporarily don't allow it (Low power mode for example).