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Video Background Pro must be activated in order to use it. Once you purchase the plugin, you will be granted a license key and email (the email you made the purchase with). You can view your license keys in your account.

Once you have your license key and email, you can authenticate the plugin by going to WordPress Admin > Settings > Video Background Pro Activation page. From there, you can enter your license key and email and click Save Changes.

Doing this will authenticate the WordPress instance to the Push Labs server to receive updates through the native WordPress Plugin Updater.

Activation Limits

Depending on the license you purchased through Push Labs, you may have 1, 5, 25 activations. This means that you can activate the plugin on this many WordPress installations respectively. If you would like to increase your activations, please contact me for a license upgrade.

Managing Your Current Activations

Your current activations can be viewed/deleted from the License Keys page of your account. From the License Keys page, you can view all of your current license keys and emails, the amount of current activations, the timestamps when they were activated, on which domain they were activated, as well as a delete button for each instance.

This is very useful in the case that your WordPress instance gets wiped or is inaccessible, as you still have the ability to remove that particular instance.