Fixing Playback Issues in Certain Browsers

If you notice your self hosted video background playing in one browser but not another, this is likely due to the video files themselves.

A quick and easy way to determine if the video file itself is at fault, is to open the link to the .mp4 or .webm directly in the browser to see if the video plays. If it does not play, that means that the video files' encoding is not compatible.

If this is the case, you'll want to re-encode the video files to a codec that is most compatible:

File TypeMost Compatible Video CodecMost Compatible Audio Codec
MP4MP4 H.264 Video CodecAAC Audio Codec
WebMVP8 or VP9 Video CodecVorbis or Opus Audio Codec

You can Learn more about optimizing your MP4 here or learn more about optimizing your WebM here.